"Something Sinister and AUD" – A Night of Eerie Elixirs & Fun

A Halloween Affair


AUD's first Halloween Affair, "Something Sinister and AUD," was an open expression of Black creativity and sensuality.

As autumn winds whispered tales of the macabre, AUD gathered for an evening that celebrated the spine-tingling allure of the Halloween season fused with the vibrant pulse of Black creativity.

We teamed up with some legit talent to bring this vision to life. Here’s the lowdown on the collabs that made the night unforgettable:

Duvalle Henry, Jr.:

The whole city kept bragging on Duvalle Henry's skills in the kitchen, and we just had to check them out. This man threw DOWN! We had so much food and the most special part was the thought that went into it. Duvalle crafted us a custom menu based on Black staple cuisines and Halloween themes.

Nicole’s Crazy Concoctions:

Nicole was mixin' up potions at the bar that had us all feeling some type of way. The jello shots were lethal! Her drinks? A whole mood.

DJ Mad.D:

DJ Mad.D is a jewel frfr. She shows up with confidence and a swag that sets the mood. We twerked down all night and of course we had to walk, and DJ Mad D didn't miss a beat.

By the end of the night, it was clear – when we come together, we make magic happen. "Something Sinister & AUD" wasn't just a party; it was a testament to the power of our community. Here's to many more nights where we bring the art, the heart, and the party. Stay tuned, fam – the best is yet to come. 🌑✨🖤

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