Headshot Fest: Accessing Our Essence

This celebration, movement, moment of empowerment was crafted to inspire every Black artist who stepped in front of the lens.


Let’s talk about how we turned heads at Headshot Fest. This celebration, movement, moment of empowerment was crafted to inspire every Black artist who stepped in front of the lens.

We kicked off Headshot Fest with one goal in mind: to hook up our community with accessible headshots that every artist needs to shine. And we did just that! The vibes were right, the camera was snapping, and the talent – y’all, there are beautiful artist of color in Memphis!

Picture this: 3 days filled with laughter, music, and some serious posing. Our own Founder/President Cleavon Meabon, IV served as the photographer. Each shoot was 20min of fostering confidence, encouraging growth, and praising the gifts we share. From the classic headshots to those candid, off-guard shots, every click was a step towards showcasing the best of Black artistry.

Headshot Fest was about connecting, networking, and sharing our stories. Between shots, artists exchanged ideas, phone numbers, and dreams. New collabs were born, and the air buzzed with plans for future projects.

As the weekend wrapped up, it was clear that Headshot Fest wasn’t just successful – it was essential. It reminded us why we do what we do at AUD. We’re here to lift each other up, to make sure every Black artist gets their shot (pun intended) to make it big.

To everyone who came through, who smiled for the camera, who shared a piece of their journey – thank you! You made Headshot Fest what it was: a snapshot of our vibrant, unstoppable community.

Stay tuned for the next one, fam. We’re just getting started. And if these headshots are anything to go by, the future’s looking bright – and oh so picture-perfect! 📸✨🖤

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