Black II Infinity: Our New Monthly Town Hall

Black II Infinity is taking on a transformative new role as AUD's official monthly Town Hall meeting! Read how we got there.


Black II Infinity has taken a brand new form as our official monthly Town Hall meeting! Mark your calendars for the third Monday of each month, from 7-10pm, and prepare to get real, comfy, and crafty at The Memphian Room, courtesy of our friends at Playhouse on the Square.

In this AUDicle:

  • A Gathering of Minds and Hearts
  • Crafting Conversations
  • AUD in Focus
  • Sweet Treats to Fuel the Dialogue
  • Looking Ahead

A Gathering of Minds and Hearts

Black II Infinity was initially planned as a Black Affirmations Lounge, and we did that. We wanted to be sure that we reminded people that we are an advocacy collective. This gave us an opportunity to present something more relaxed and concentrated. What we ended up with was an empowering sanctuary of faith, action, and strength between people that cared for each other. We established ourselves as a protected space for Black theatre performers, creatives, and professionals. We gathered to share each other's company, experiences, perspective, and support. No gimmicks, just brilliance.

Crafting Conversations

We threw out some thought-provoking prompts to get the creative juices and discussions flowing. Vague questions like "What does it feel like?" and "Who will you share it with?" pushed us into conversations that were both challenging and enlightening. These discussions opened up pathways to a night riddled with revelation, solutions, empowerment, de-conditioning and collective healing. Each conversation was lead with respect and openness that lead to more potent conversations.

AUD in Focus

We didn't just stop at crafts and chats. We put up big post-it boards and asked everyone to weigh in on some AUD-centric questions:

  • What do you think AUD is?
  • What needs are not being met in our artistic community?
  • How can AUD help?

The responses? Eye-opening. It was a chance for everyone to reflect on our mission and how we can serve our community even better.

Sweet Treats to Fuel the Dialogue

Shoutout to JKakes Cheesecakes for providing us with some delicious desserts! We asked JKakes for bites. We received some of the most delicious bitesized sweets. Cheesecake, lemon-bars, and cookies and cream cookies kept us engaged and eager. Nothing like a sweet treat to keep the energy up and the ideas flowing.

Looking Ahead

Black II Infinity isn't just a meeting; it's a movement. Every month, we're laying down the groundwork for how we can grow, support each other, and make real moves in our community. It's about discovering what we need and how we can get there, together.

So, are you ready to join in the action? Bring your ideas, crafts, snacks, journals, and your open mind to the next Black II Infinity Town Hall. Together, we're not just talking about change—we're making it.

Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let's keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve as a collective. See you at the next gathering! 🖤

Discussion-Based Artwork by Marc Gill

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