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We are AUD

AUD is a collective powerhouse of Black and Queer creative revolutionaries, boldly redefining our local arts landscape by empowering Black artists, promoting community advocacy, and championing innovative, inclusive representation.

We exist to foster a secure sense of belonging to marginalized identities and those who have been othered.

We courageously aim to provide tools of access, unity, and development to those who are in repair and those who are steadily building.

We are AUD so you don't have to get even to win.


AUD exists to level the playing field, providing you with the tools, contacts, and resources that are often out of reach.


AUD is a collective of artists and supporters who ride for each other. So when one of us wins, we all win.


From professional development workshops to networking events, we're here to grow.

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Meet our Founder

Cleavon Meabon, IV is a multi-passionate artist and creative with a gift for placemaking. He believes in boosting self-confidence, sharing innovative knowledge, and standing up for injustices.

The Team



We value championing Black artistic excellence, nurturing creative unity, and empowering community-driven growth.

Courtney Murray

Founder of Black Theater Nerd

Courtney created the platform @BlackTheaterNerd where newcomers and seasoned theater nerds alike can come together to revel in the multifaceted world of theater.

Karon Samuels

Book of Karon | Co-Founder of AUD

Karon is a director, program coordinator, and teaching artist with a passion for the performing arts. ✨Vulnerability is my Superpower. ✨

Cleavon Meabon, IV

Founder | Artistic Director

Cleavon is a multi-passionate artist and creative with an entrepreneurial prowess and a heart for justice and placemaking.

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