AUDtober: Celebrate Black Artists & Artistry Recap

AUD is officially here! To celebrate, we launched in AUDtober!


AUDtober – a month where we turned up the creativity, dialed up the community vibes, and celebrated Black artistry like never before. AUDtober was a month-long party where every beat was Black excellence, and every moment was about us.

Let's Reflect

  • Our Inaugural Conception
  • Headshot Fest
  • AUD Takeovers
  • Community Outings

After the AUDBall, we knew we had to regroup and get ready for what was next. After months of planning, AUD was born and ready to be officially introduced to the theatre community. We started with gathering interests from though leaders and people who had ideas about what to do in the community. A subtle sit down at global became a powerhouse of voices, where ideas sparked and conversations flowed. We introduced the intricates of AUD and dived deep into what it means to be Black artists today, addressing challenges and discussing solutions. We were shaping our future.

AUDtober was a declaration. It declared that our art matters, our voices matter, and our community matters. We came together, we shared our stories, and we uplifted each other in true AUD style.

As we close the chapter on AUDtober, we’re fired up and ready for what’s next. Big love to everyone who joined us, who shared their art, and who brought their whole selves to the table. This is just the beginning, fam. Here’s to more creativity, more connection, and more AUD.

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Headshot Fest: Accessing Our Essence

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