AUD Interviews Authors of "Affirmations: Messages for the Divine Feminine Spirit," Devin Elle & Kemet Ma'at Wilson

Manifestation is a powerful tool to achieve goals. Many think that it's mainly a tool for financial freedom, however it is really about creating a complete life.


In a world where the narrative surrounding the divine feminine is often overshadowed, "Affirmations: Messages for the Divine Feminine Spirit" emerges as a beacon of empowerment, healing, and inspiration. Authored by the visionary duo, Kemet Ma'at Wilson and Devin Elle, this transformative book seeks to uplift and affirm the spirit of every woman navigating the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

In the AUDicle:

  • Exploring the Core Concept
  • The Role of Language

Exploring the Core Concept:

Your book emphasizes the power of manifestation. Could you explain how this concept extends beyond financial freedom and into creating a complete life, especially for members of the Black community?

Manifestation put simply is “something made real”. An affirmation is a statement of the existence of truth. What you focus on is what becomes real to you. When we started talking about affirmations and manifestation we immediately were reminded of our upbringing (we’re both PKs*). We always had these phrases drilled into us: “Life and death are in the power of your tongue(affirmation)." “Faith comes by hearing.” “As a man thinketh, so is (s)he.” “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” “Faith without works is dead.” “Speak those things that are not, as though they were.”

We speak about our financial goals and financial freedom and say what we want to see. We dream about that new job or business, we talk about it often. Then we put in the work. We do job applications and update our resumes. We take the steps to bring business into fruition- research, learn new skills, file for an LLC, etc. We speak about it often and talk about what we’re going to do with the money, how we are going to live. It’s important for us to get clear about what we desire to create and be able to define what a complete life looks like for each of us. We tend to be clear on what we want regarding our finances. We have to put that kind of intentional energy into every area of our lives.

Whatever we are feeding ourselves: listening to, thinking, speaking, and focusing on the most is what becomes real to us. Our thoughts become words, and our words become actions, ultimately shaping our reality. The energy that we are putting out into the world is the energy we get back. So if we want to manifest great lives, we have to start saying what we want to see, having the faith to take steps in the direction of our desires, and trusting that the power inside us is great enough to bring that life into existence.

* pastor's kids

The Role of Language:

In 'Affirmations: Messages for the Divine Feminine Spirit,' how do you explore the transformative power of words in shaping our identities and aspirations?

Growing up, Kemet’s dad did not even allow the word “can’t” to be part of her vocabulary. There was no such word. If all you say and see is “I can.”, then you WILL. If you truly believe and put every ounce of your energy behind what you desire and do the work, it’s gonna happen. Words tell us who we are and what we can do.

When we speak negatively of/to ourselves, judge our mistakes harshly, and always have an excuse for why that dream or idea won’t work; if we say “I’ve got a great idea, BUT”, or give excuses why we cannot do something. That becomes an aspect of our identity. We begin to expect less of ourselves, and see ourselves as someone with limits, and we live our lives not going after the things we really want and often being afraid to aspire to more. When we speak highly of ourselves, give grace and encourage ourselves when we fall short, tell ourselves what we can do, celebrate our wins we begin to identify ourselves as a person who can grow, learn, and achieve, and as someone who is worthy.

Affirmations in Practice:

Could you share an example of how affirmations have personally impacted your lives?

Absolutely! We had to affirm ourselves often, as we were writing this book. This is our first book. There can be so much doubt when it comes to putting your talents out into the world and also opening up to share deep parts of who we are. We didn’t know if it would resonate with people or if it would be supported. Life was “lifing” at the time, there were moments we even questioned if we were worthy of this project. But we KNEW we were worthy, called, and gifted to do this, and we stood on that. We refused to let ourselves speak anything negative, only life-giving words. We didn’t always feel like it or immediately believe the words we spoke right away, which is why it was so important to affirm ourselves, often, because what you hear/listen to the most is what will seep into your soul. We took turns affirming each other and many of the affirmations in the book were speaking to us, growing us, and healing us, as we were writing the book.

It’s daily for us, we remind ourselves every day who we are and where we are going. The noise around us can be so loud, we use affirmations to ground ourselves daily and keep us pushing toward our goals. It’s a way of life. Whatever area we feel we are lacking in, we speak positive words of power that agree with the outcome we want to see instead of focusing on what we perceive to be our current reality.

Cultural Relevance:

How do the affirmations in your book resonate specifically with the experiences and challenges faced by Black women and the broader Divine Feminine Spirit within the Black community?

In the book we speak directly to many of the challenges that Black women have shared historically and still battle with. We have affirmations about giving ourselves permission to take up space and not dim our lights, to stand in the truth of who we are, knowing we are deserving. We discuss healing, forgiveness, self-criticism, finding our voices, and so much more.

It was important to us to not just put a bunch of pretty quotes in the book, we wanted to have spaces in the book for reflection statements and in-depth explanations that are written in our voices. Sister to sister. These affirmations are designed specifically to help us navigate the experiences our community shares.

Impact on Black Artists:

For Black artists and creatives who often navigate unique challenges, what role can affirmations play in their journey towards self-realization and professional success?

Our affirmations should be true to our authentic self. When we really start to focus our positive intentions and give love and light to those areas inside of us that are dark we can only grow in our authentic expression of self as creatives. We have to tell ourselves a different story, a better story. As an artist, you can create affirmations that speak to your insecurities and the doubts that tell us that we may never reach the professional levels we aspire to. We have to intentionally affirm each goal that we have for our potential. Our inner voices MUST be bigger and louder than the audiences that we cater to. When nobody can tell you or convince you that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your success, you GOT IT.

Manifestation and Community:

How can the principles of manifestation and positive affirmations be used to not just uplift individuals but also strengthen and empower the Black community as a whole?

The first word that comes to mind is Kugichagulia. It’s a principle of Kwanzaa that means self-determination. Define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. When we individually affirm ourselves we inspire and motivate others to do the same and this can create a sense of shared strength and collective spirit within our community. In a collective setting, as a community we can utilize these principles to articulate a shared vision, goals, and unified purpose. The more we amplify these intentions, we start to take tangible actions such as supporting each other in business, advocating for each other, and building a community that is genuinely centered around elevating us all.

Overcoming Barriers:

In your view, how can affirmations help in overcoming systemic barriers and stereotypes that Black individuals, particularly Black women, often face?

Many of us have internalized the negativity, self-doubt, and limitations that come with systemic barriers and stereotypes. Positive affirmations help to combat that negativity by improving our self-esteem and sense of worth. When we choose to create our own narrative and to believe differently about ourselves we take the authority away from those outside voices that devalue and oppress us. Once we learn to build and walk in the freedom of our own power we are unstoppable. We are affirming something to and about ourselves every day whether we are aware or not. When we intentionally affirm ourselves in the love that we seek, we no longer need that validation from the outside. We empower ourselves to challenge the limitations that others place on us.

Advice for the AUD Audience:

For our AUD audience, many of whom are artists and creatives, what advice would you offer on incorporating affirmations into their daily routine?

Focus on creating or choosing affirmations that align with your goals and values. Don’t waste your words and thoughts on what you don’t want. Speak positively and focus only on what you want to achieve or become. Affirmations are “I am statements”. Speak it as if you already have it. Say it out loud or in silence, write it down, sing it to yourself-practice affirming yourself in whatever way feels authentic to you.

Start small and be consistent. Wake up and say something encouraging to yourself, speak over your day. Affirm yourself before bed. Affirm yourself anytime you get discouraged throughout the day. Replace negativity with positivity immediately.

The Journey of Writing:

What inspired you both to collaborate on this book, and what challenges did you face in ensuring that it speaks authentically to the Divine Feminine Spirit?

We are really and truly each other’s support systems. And we really have experienced the power of affirmations in our own lives and journeys of learning and knowing that we are more than enough. As we continue to grow and heal, we want to see our sisters growing, healing, and walking in their power too. We are both writers. It just made sense and felt on purpose to share that love and sisterhood by collaborating on a book.

Future Aspirations:

Looking forward, how do you hope 'Affirmations: Messages for the Divine Feminine Spirit' will impact its readers, and what future projects are you planning to further explore these themes?

We hope this book inspires readers to truly embrace, honor, and rest in their divinity. We hope that this book brings love, light, and comfort, and a sense of community to everyone who reads it. This book is really about embracing ALL of who we were created to be.

We definitely have more books on the way! And a podcast is in the works!

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

We love y’all REAL BIG! This is literally a love letter from us to our community. We would love to hear about your journey and how the book has impacted you. Thank you so much for your support!Follow us on social media to keep in touch! IG: @theedevinelle @kemetmaatwilson

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